What makes the FETS Tool a Favorite with Firefighters?
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We've all heard the expression

"A Picture is worth a thousand words"

In the fire service that expression could be tailored to say

"Show Me... Don't Tell Me!"
The Forcible Entry Training Station (FETS®)
Designed by experienced firefighters and manufacturers of commercial
storefronts, enables firefighters to repeatedly and systematically experience
a through-the-lock forcible entry procedure. The FETS® tool provides effective training because it is a prop designed to put actual forcible entry tools in the hands of firefighters. Skills can only be gained through hands-on training.
The FETS® Tool Simulates a typical storefront
Complete with the locking mechanisms most frequently encountered by firefighters in real world scenarios.
Participants will be able to actually pull the locking cylinder with their own equipment and defeat the revealed lick by manipulating the diverse locking mechanisms with various firefighter tools.
Firefighters training with FETS® will be able to use the following tools:
Pick-Tool: "K" "A" or Officers tool  
Flat-Headed Ax and Halligan  
Hydraulic Tools: "Rabbit" tool Hydra-Ram or Porta-Power  
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